Anonymous asked:
I cant fucking put a tampon properly i feel it there and hurts a bit hahahaa is it cus am a virgin help


Don’t worry I’m sure that’s normal for ur first time just be sure to insert it properly you might need to get in a more comfortable position to get it in, then you’ll get the hang of it

Anonymous asked:
My followers don't defend me, I think ur body is on fire, u follow me on insta and it follow u 2.. I don't post selfies and I'm a bitch on anon

Lmao tyratongg !!

Anonymous asked:
the hephaestus to your aphrodite

FUCK I KNOW who this is you always call me that but I can’t think of the URL or name… It’s gulfs ?

If we’re mutuals describe yourself on anon and I’ll guess who it is

It’s so hot I’m laying on the sofa with my top pulled up and my tities out god damn